The Importance of Copywriting & Readability For Your Business

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Being able to write content that is engaging to potential customers is unfortunately not a skill that can be learnt overnight, with it often taking years for individuals to perfect the subtle nuances of copywriting and readability. This can be particularly frustrating for many business owners who have a thorough understanding of their products but are unable to form meaningful connections with current and potential customers through text. As such copywriting and readability and extremely important considerations when producing any text related to your business.

So What is Copywriting?

Copywriting refers to the art of creating text (known as copy) that is used for marketing activities. Considering that a copywriter must be able to appeal to many different audiences for many different products, most copywriters undertake years of training to become competent. Although being external to the company does mean copywriters must take time to become familiar with the product or company, it does mean that copywriters are able to realise unique selling points of the company from an outside perspective.

Copywriting – A Formula For Success

Take David Ogilvy, a famous copywriter for example. Ogilvy was asked to create a copy for a Rolls Royce, and knowing little about the car industry took three weeks to come up with a successful copy. Over this time he became familiar with the car and was able to highlight a unique selling point from the perspective of the consumer, the lack of noise the car generated. Although on face value this may not seem significant, the copywriting skills of Ogilvy contributed a 50% increase in Rolls Royce sales in the following year. Looking at Rolls Royce, copywriting has the potential to have a significant impact on a firm’s bottom line.


Although it is a great skill to be able to write meaningful content for consumers, being able to write copy that is easily understood is just as important. Readability does not just refer to whether the text actually makes sense, but also how much effort the reader must use to be able to follow the text. Texts that have high readability are not draining for readers and are easily understood. This being said, texts that have low readability does not mean that they are incoherent, but rather that the reader must put in more effort to understand the text. By reducing the complexity of the words and sentence lengths used, it is far easier to engage your audience.

Need Help Developing Engaging Content?

So do you and your business struggle to produce content that effectively engages existing and potential customers? At Affinity we have experience writing copy for clients in many different industries and sectors. We also use multiple tools that increase the readability and text. Reach out to us today to start engaging more effectively with customers.

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