Fundamental Marketing Strategies Worth Investing In

fundamental marketing strategies worth investing in

With the rise of technology, connectivity, mobility, and the rapidly evolving digital landscape it is essential that your business harnesses the benefits of an online presence. Here are some fundamental strategies that will attract your ideal customers and ultimately impact your bottom line. 

Google my business

This is essential when it comes to putting your business on the map. Set up an account for free and reap the benefits of a Google listing. Your listing will appear right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google search or Maps. If your business targets local markets, “Google My Business” is a powerful marketing platform. Your listing will appear in the top half of the search page ahead of the search results. You should aim to get your business in the top three listings to substantially increase traffic to your website. 

Facebook Advertising

Advertising through Facebook is an inexpensive way of reaching virtually any audience. Facebook allows you to target consumers based on their location, online behaviour, sex, age etc. You do not need experience to benefit from this medium. Simply create a catchy headline, a strong description and choose an image that is both relevant and draws the attention of your audience. Use Facebook Ads Manager to test your ads so that you know what ad formula is most effective. 

Google AdWords

Google AdWords, while moderately expensive, is a trusted and proven online marketing medium. This form of advertising has its roots in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It can be learned, but make sure you take the time to learn it properly, and it will deliver you the relevant search results and drive traffic. AdWords lets you purchase “keywords” that are relevant to your business and customers. When potential customer’s type that keyword e.g., “Back surgeon,” Google will place your ad at the top of the search page. A benefit is that you only pay per click. Also, AdWords allows you to reach out to virtually any consumers within a few kilometres of your business, or broadcast your ad to entire regions or countries. It’s up to you. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective way of showcasing your organisation’s knowledge, standing within its industry, values and the care you take to resolve people’s problems with your products or services. Your content needs to be relevant and helpful to bring results over time. Content marketing is geared for the long term as results take time to materialise, so be patient and consistent. Spread your content through a variety of online channels such as social media and your business website. Be sure to optimise your content for SEO and readers. 

Organic Social Media

Creating a strong online social media presence helps your business to connect with its customers. Social media accounts are free and enhance your digital footprint, so set one up. They are useful in bringing traffic to your website and create the perception that you are active and current. It should:
•    State your business name
•    Show your company logo, address and phone number
•    Link to your company website, and;
•    Be rich in content
 Ensure that your page is always up to date. Otherwise, consumers will think that you are not active anymore.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way of interacting with current and future customers. Send out newsletters and special offers direct to your customers. Use a program like Active Campaign to track the results and find out exactly which customers to follow up. You can personalise the message to make it more relevant and appealing to that individual. To increase your email database, create valuable downloadable content in exchange for email addresses. Leveraging email marketing will ultimately increase sales and provide a medium that enables your firm to stay in constant communication with its customers.

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