Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

how to use pr to gain credibility

Savvy companies know that gaining credibility for their business requires engaging content that their audience can easily relate to.

There are many PR tools you can use to position your brand in a positive light with those interested. Effectively practicing these tools will take the positive attitudes formed and turn this interest into action.

Companies who know how media works and in particular how forging strong relationships will give better (and more frequent) coverage, will have more effective media relations and better results.

Ensuring you have a good story to give the press is top of the list of priorities. And make sure the media journalists you are talking to about your brand is the relevant person. Social media is the easiest way to form relationships with the press. Keep credibility by ensuring no payment ever changes hands, not so much as a bumper sticker!

Another effective PR tool is forming positive relations with local communities. Walmart have a drop cart during the festive months where shoppers can “do good” by donating a gift to a local children’s hospital. Or collect shopping coupons that turn into sporting equipment for schools. Very cost effective and yet these tools can help keep their company in a positive light, even in the wake of negative publicity.

Having an ‘expert’ talk about their field, and mentioning your business, to influential bloggers is a very cost effective way of marketing. If there is a celebrity, credible to your target audience, you could use them to chat about your company also. Sponsorship deals work best when the celeb is well known in your industry prior to your relationship.

If you have managed to gain consumer trust and know their email addresses, a regular newsletter could be sent out to keep your brand in the mind of your audience. However it is very easy to slip into spam territory here so keep credibility by writing about current affairs, show some humor if that is appropriate and bring personality to your brand. Offer information your customers will find interesting, possibly even putting in links where they can shop for your products.

“Red Bull take control of roundabout and cause chaos”. The best stunts get the most airtime and eye catching headlines. Take time to think about the message your company wants to give out and plan stunts accordingly. Red Bull are all about being daring so their stunts are always out there, and always generate press. When they teamed up to drop a man from space in 2012 millions of people watched live on the net.

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