Marketing plans

  • Want to know what it takes to grow your business to the next level?
  • Do you need practical and easy to implement marketing strategies and tactics that deliver real results?
  • Want to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing practices through the efficient use of content and adopting the latest data-driven technologies?

Our marketing plans deliver you a practical roadmap for implementing marketing strategies and tactics that will deliver you growth and set you apart from the competition. Most importantly, our process will help you effectively develop a reporting methodology to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. 

Our marketing plans include:

  • Evaluation of current business & marketing practices
  • Assessment and prioritisation of target markets
  • Recommended marketing strategies to maximise your business strengths and get an edge on the competition
  • Practical marketing tactics tailored to your industry and business size
  • Content distribution plan
  • Recommendations around marketing technologies to adopt
  • Budget
  • Implementation calendar
  • Reporting & data analysis recommendations

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